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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Class to Dye For!

Took a fabric dyeing class today at Quilt Harbor (Aberdeen, WA). It was taught by Val Fox-Armey and lasted all day. We dyed eight pieces of fabric (fat quarters) using eight different techniques. Here are some pictures.:

In these pictures, we are doing our first project, which was producing our "ombre" pieces, which are made by immersing the entire piece of fabric into a bucket of dye, and then bit by bit, withdrawing it, while adding more dye to the bucket. It results in a graduated, monochromatic piece.

This is my spider web piece, with its first color added.

This is my folded piece; can you tell I like red?

My folded piece drained on a paper towel, and left this lovely imprint that looks like a rose.

When the towels were unfolded, this series of  "roses" emerged.

This was Karla's painted piece, waiting for its salt.

This is my scrunched piece, seasoning in a plastic bag until tomorrow.

Kay's scrunched piece, after rinsing and being ironed.

My clamped piece with the wooden whirls, seasoning in a bag til tomorrow.

Karla is adding a color to her piece that is wrapped on a pole and then scrunched together.

The Three Amigos and their Ombres.

"Look distressed," Val said. So I did.

But I wasn't. I LIKE paint on my clothes!! It looks creative!!


  1. looks like tons of fun! I love hand dyeing and have taken online classes at Quilt U. Nothing like hand dyes!

  2. Wow!The class looks like a lot of fun. I love the light to dark fabric that you dyed. I do like your sleeves with those dyes on them.