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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Working on that Covered Vinyl Head Again

Change from the way she looked on March 9.

I am not finished with the face on this doll. I have more work to do on the eyes. I think they are too dark now, so I'll lighten them up the next time I work on her.


  1. wow, what talent! this looks terrific

  2. Thanks!! Since the last person (a young MALE person who shall remain nameless!) pronounced it "creepy!," I really NEEDED to hear some kind words about this head! Thanks, again!!

  3. I added the "before" pictures so people could see the process. I'm sorry the head has glue on its eyes in the first picture, but I ALMOST forgot to even take a "before" picture, something I have done before!

  4. More process photos, please? Is the fabric glued on? and then painted? what a nice way to rescue a doll head that has seen better days.

  5. Yes, Wooly Woman, the cotton knit fabric is glued over the vinyl. Some people (Judi Ward, in particular) glue a layer of Warm and Natural over the head first, and also add Sclupey or Fimo in places to change the face. I did not do that on this head, although I DID put a little Paper Clay over the eyes to cover the eyelashes that were making a "bump" I didn't like.
    After the glued-on fabric has dried, I paint gesso over the close and sand when it has dried. Two or more coats of gesso may be needed--I think I used two coats. The gesso seals the cloth and keeps the paint from soaking in.

  6. Correction, re the above comment: I paint gesso over the CLOTH.
    New comment: I took the disembodied head to knit group today and the ladies there didn't think it was creepy. It's a guy thing, I guess.