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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raggedies Multiply!

It's late, so this will be short, but just wanted to post a new picture of the rapidly multiplying Raggedies. The small one, which is one in on the far right has a wooden head and her hair is sewn onto a toe of a nylon stocking, and then the "wig" is glued to her wooden head, The rest of her is cloth, similar to the others. I've got tiny ones in the works, too, but managed to leave them at my son and daughter-in-law's house when we visited last week. That will teach me to not check the room before we leave!!! I should know better at my age!!!


  1. Less than two weeks until the Fiber Fest. This is forcing me to be efficient!!

  2. I also love Raggedies. I made two life-size ones when my kids were little--actually I think the doll was taller than the first kid. Now (after some 30 years) I am planning to make two more for a friend's twins (boy and girl). Back in the day I used "whatever" fabric for the face and body--a flesh toned textured woven polyester. I'm not a doll maker--can you suggest a good fabric for me to use this time around?