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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finishing What I Started---several years ago

Well, I have to get some items ready for the Fiber Fair which is happening the first weekend in October. I decided that I should be "orderly" about this and perhaps finish some things that I had partly done already. These little Raggedies came to mind, ones I didn't finish for the Tokeland sale about three years ago. The nice thing about dolls is that you can leave them and when you come back, they're right where you left them. And I'd had the rather unusual idea (for me, that is) of putting all of these Raggedies together in one place, so finding them was a cinch--this is not my usally MO, but I was glad I acted like an organized person, for a change. I've been working on them and will continue to work on them until they are all finished and dressed. Making the same thing over and over is also not my usual way of operating, but these little girls (and guy) deserve to be finished and perhaps under someone's Christmas tree. And besides, I REALLY like Raggedy Anns and never seem to tire of looking at them. I DO want to make some tiny ones, too. We'll see if I run out of time before I run out of ideas. That's what IS usual for me.


  1. They all look so sweet, grouped together like that. Gave me a much-needed smile this evenin'.

    ~Cuz U-K-W

  2. I'm glad, Cuz U-K-W! Look at next post and you'll be even gladder!!