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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Toy Society 2011 World Wide Christmas Drop, Toys 9 and 10

Well, I'm happy to announce that I have NOT fallen in love with these two toys and that they are going where I PLANNED them to go!! Yay! I was afraid I had somehow gotten "soft" and would love ALL the toys I make too much to give them away. Not true. SO glad!!

     Here is toy number 9; he is made of velvety fleece.  I wish I could say that he went together without a hitch, but alas there were TWO hitches: one is that I forgot his left ear, so I will need to fix that tomorrow!!  The other is that I sewed his feet on going the WRONG way!! I was ticked, as I'd sewed them on REALLY WELL. I sewed around the ankle twice as I didn't want to worry that they'd fall off. SOOO, I had to cut them off carefully and resew them. Which proves you're never too old or too smart or too skilled to make stupid mistakes!! It keeps us humble and our heads from getting big, should we be tempted to think we are better than we really are. Trust me: we aren't!!! 

Here is number  ten: She is a very simple doll, the kind mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts have made for small children since Time Immemorial (however long that is--forever, I think). Her head and body are made from a black twill. Her arms are made from velvet and her legs from a discarded tee shirt. When I am at a thrift shop, my eyes are set for STRIPES and I never have to look far to find them. I love stripes of all colors and widths and I like nothing more than to have a big box with lots of them to choose from. I like her blond hair too--makes her a little contemporary and "edgy" if that's possible.

With Christmas Eve falling next Saturday, I'm not sure if the Toy Society is calling this weekend (17/18) the "weekend before Christmas" or whether that weekend is NEXT weekend. Guess I'd better check the site and see what they are saying.

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