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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Progress Continues on Latest Root-Haired Doll

Well, as usual, my progress is neither steady nor speedy, but somehow, I made some on this latest root-haired lady. Her face is painted and I will be making her a body and some limbs soon.
I like her face a lot, and she will need beautiful clothing to wear, too. None of this shabby-chic stuff for her. I am not particularly good at fancy finery, but I will do my best. I have some of  James Christensen's work http://www.jameschristensenart.com/, which is wonderful, and his characters are outfitted in great style; I will do as my friend Nancy does (one out of all my Nancy friends) and let James help me outfit this doll.
I also fiddled around with a little head/torso I'd made out of a scrap of fabric last month or the one before. I love making small dolls out of what I call "Nothing!" as they can be made from such tiny scraps that most (sane) people would not even keep them. So I have mine and also some from the sane people I know who save them for me. They consider this "recycling" without hardly any effort, so I feel good to get them and they feel good to get rid of them, in a "green way," no less!! Win-win!!
Here she is, nestled in my palm. I really love her little serene face. If someone had ASKED me to draw a serene face, I probably wouldn't have been able to do it, but my dolls' faces are all about happy accidents, more or less. I consider making dolls "playing," and so I don't over-think when I make them. That would make the process too much like real work!! Why would I want to do THAT?!?!?!  I don't.
And so the winter goes, with January over half over already!! Western Washington (state) is "enjoying" it's usual wet weather and dark days; that's what winter looks like here and we can either like it or not, but that doesn't change it.  So we choose to like it. It's a very good time for spending time indoors, working on indoor projects. The grass is sleeping, the garden is asleep, too, even the three dogs do their share of extra sleeping, and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Green Bay Packers tomorrow in the NFL playoffs. We are 110 miles from Seattle, but the Blue-Green Fever spreads a lot farther than that!! So we are a little caught up in it as well. We'll be watching tomorrow, along with probably 75% of the country.
I am always glad when the Hawks make the playoffs, not only for the team but also for all the small businesses that are near Century Link Field ("the clink" in NW jargon) and those people that work inside selling, cleaning, and whatever else individuals are employed to do in there. Between those jobs and folks who work in the hotel industry, many families  benefit when the Seahawks play post-season games at home.
Stay tuned on progress on my dolls.

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