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Friday, March 26, 2010

Knitting Two Socks at Once, or I Must Be Crazy

I saw, in a knitting book I bought, directions for knitting two socks at once, one inside the other. It seemed impossible, but the directions were there, and I HAD to try it! When it comes to skills I already have, I hate to think there is anything that someone else can do that I can't. This method is challenging to say the least. You knit the cuffs for each sock separately, put one inside the other, and then put the stitches for both on your needles (I use two circulars, usually, but I've also used the old way of three double pointed needles, with the fourth to knit with), alternating one stitch from one cuff and one from the other, until all the stitches are on.

You purl the Near sock stitches and knit the Back sock stitches; if you get mixed up, the wrong stitch joins the two socks together--NOT GOOD! I have taken the stitches off the needles and restarted three times, but I think I can do this. If I run my hand around between the two socks each time I finish a round, I can feel if I've made a wrong stitch, and if you find it right away, it's not hard to fix it.

SO, stay tuned. One thing I learned is NOT to bring this project to my knit group--there's too much going on there what with conversation and all, and this is not a project where you can get distracted and still be OK--at least I can't. Send good knitting thoughts my way!


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I AM crazy. I had to take the two off the needles yet again. At midnight last night I was ready to admit defeat, but today I am once again filled with hope and optimism!! I think I'm certifiable!!!!

  2. Wow.ofcourse a lot of women haven't heard
    of knitting a pair sock all at once.
    You sure are a brave lady and I do admire your courage to ry it.
    WOW,and more WOW's
    dolly hug