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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out in the Greenhouse

I went out today and planted some of the thousands of marigold seeds I harvested last fall. Hopefully, they will do OK out there. My greenhouse isn't insulated and it has been getting near freezing at night, but in the 60s during the day.
My little tomato seedlings are growing in my kitchen, in my garden window, and those that have been there the whole time are doing wonderfully. The ones that were in the living room for awhile are not doing very well; I moved them into the kitchen window with the others and hope they pick up.
I gave away several small houseplants earlier this week to a FreeCycler. I can't stand wasting anything, so anytime I accidentally break a stem off one of my plants, or if I have to prune them, I put the stems in a brown bottle of water and root them; soon I have too many little plants for my window, even though it's big. So I am pleased to give the little ones away. I like having plants, but there is a limit to how many I can keep!!!

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