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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Art Coop Sketchbook Project: My Book

The sketchbook came as a plain black book and the recipient was told it was fine if they wanted to make his/her book more durable by covering it. Since my chosen theme is "I'm a Scavenger," I decided to cover mine with worn denim.
This is the front; I want to show the back, too, but right now I'm not being allowed to add the other picture, so I guess I'll have to do another post to show that.
The sketchbook project is comprised of books purchased and completed by people willing to pay $20 for the privilege. The books are due in December, I think, and then during the next year, they travel around the US, and people get to look at them. So far, all my work is on the OUTSIDE of this book, but I'll have to get busy soon, and illustrate my scavenging ways.

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  1. I logged onto the site and checked this project out further. Fun and t'will be so interesting to see what folks come up with for the insides!