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Saturday, July 10, 2010

My First Carved Hitty's Face is Finished

I made her eyes better with my fine Micron Pigma pens. (What would I DO without them!!!! ) My first attempt at carving a Hitty doll is almost done--I just have to do her limbs now. She isn't as perfect as I would like, but I know with the proper tools (this one was carved with a jack knife), and practice, my subsequent Hittys will be better. That said, this Hitty is my first doll carving attempt, and she will always be special to me, because she is number one. I will name her Hitty Anna, and I'll go down the alphabet from here, just like hurricanes and those "alphabet mystery books" do. Will I get to Z?! We shall see!! Stay tuned.

I love the HittyGirls yahoo group that I joined recently. They all love their Hittys and they are not all girls--the members, I mean. They can answer just about any Hitty question you have. And the dolls are not all girls, either. Of course, they aren't called Hitty something like the girl dolls are. I will close here, before I sound even crazier than I already do. I was just imagining someone coming onto my blog by accident and thinking, this lady is seriously WACKO!!! LOL


  1. My mom had a favorite book as a little girl, "Hitty". It was the story of a doll. I'm assuming that your Hitty is taken from one and the same? Who knew there'd be a cult following for Hitty! I haven't even heard a whisper of Hitty since I was a little girl, reading my mom's book!

  2. I think she's absolutely charming-- and her expression is perfect. Excellent work.