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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Wool Cat

A cat with attitude, she's 22 inches tall, and made with the usual repurposed wool from thrift store clothing. Wool clothing doesn't sell well in thrift shops because it has to be dry cleaned, and people who shop at thrift stores don't want to buy garments that need this special treatment.

I have my own "special treatment" for these garments: first, I take them apart, and then I wash the pieces in the machine with hot water. The agitation makes most wool fabric felt a little; if I want it felted a lot, I wash it several times in hot water. I usually air dry it, although if you want it VERY fuzzy, you can try drying it in the dryer. Some of mine has gone this route, usually by accident when DH gets ahold of it. I don't mind, though. I don't decide what to use fabric for until it has been washed; then I let it inspire me and tell me what it wants to be.

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  1. This little Kitty Girl has sold in the gallery; she was not there the last time I worked. I'm glad I have a picture to remember her by!