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Monday, October 29, 2012

Continuing Progress on Doll-in-Progress

I continue to make progress on this doll, although not FAST progress as I've been sick lately (cellulitis!!) and I've also spent time decluttering (yay!!!!) and working on my art journals.

I am happy with her face now, having enlarged her eyes from the ones I first gave her. She is a child; I achieved that desired result from making her eyes larger. It could be that her eyes should have been a bit lower on her face, but she's an older child rather than a younger one, so I can get away with her eyes being a little high.

My next decision will involve what kind of hair she should have. I'm sure I have a doll wig that would fit her, but I'll have to try some and see what it looks like. And of course, I'll have to make the arms and legs which are not my favorite parts to make. But they won't take long, so I should just "bite the bullet" and make them as soon as I can.
I probably mentioned in my earlier
post that this doll has a cloth body/head in one piece with the molded face made from Paper Clay and  cloth over that. Stay tuned. I'll try to get this doll finished soon.

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  1. I am sorry to report, on March 22, that this doll is still in the same state as pictured above. I'll get to her after I finish the gourd doll I mention in my March 22nd post.