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Monday, October 29, 2012

Second Blog Book!

 I'm working toward the point of having my blog printed one year at a time, but my first book ended in July, 2011 and covered a couple of years. So this one begins in July 2011 and goes to Oct 2012. Next year's will begin in Oct 2012 and will go to Dec 31, 2013. From then on, they will begin on Jan1 and go to Dec 31 of the same year.
The service I use is called Blog2Print and it is not the only one out there. The book costs about $30 in soft cover/color, less in black and white; hardback is also available and costs more, of course. I didn't do much  research before I ordered the first book, so I'm not sure if this  company has the best price or not. I WILL say they have great software,  their process is totally easy, and I've been very satisfied with the results, and that is why I went to them again.
I find this an easy way to have a printed record of my doll-making experiences.

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